Frequency Asked Questions

How to become a Caucasus Online user? >>

To purchase any Caucasus Online product, just call at 220 04 00. Our customer-friendly operator will assist you in choosing the right service of adequate charge in consideration of your wishes and affordability.  

How long does it take to become a Caucasus Online user? >>


The standard installation of Caucasus Link service can be done the very day following the day you place your order and can take maximum 3 business days. The period of installation for DSL service is extremely variable, since the process depends on the necessary procedures for dealing with the operators of a telephone pair: the period is 10 business days for Akhali Kselebi customers and 21 business days for Silknet customers.  


How to find out till when I have paid the service charge? >>

To get financial information or any other information on your account, you can visit our website at where you can access your account after you go through a simple log-in procedure, or you can call the Information Service at 220 00 00.  

Is a call at 2200000 toll free? >>

 Any call to Caucasus Online is toll free. Depending on which telephone operator customer you are, you may be paying 3 to 6 tetri per minute based on your obligation to it or/and the agreement between the operators.  

When is the service discontinued and how can it be restored? >>

Any Caucasus Online service is provided against prepayment  –  customers (other than budgetary organizations) pay in advance  and then use the service according to the amount paid and the applicable rate. To avoid service discontinuation, you can fill in the balance in a timely manner. If you run out of money on your account, the service will be discontinued. If you fully pay the user charge within the next 10 days, the service will be restored. It is important to know that during the 10-day period the user is charged 50 tetri per day as a service preservation fee. If the money is not deposited to the account and the service is not reactivated within such term, either, the user is subject to service cancellation.  

What is the period for fixing a technical problem and will I be reimbursed for delay due to technical problems? >>

All technical problems and defects will be remedied within the terms indicated in the service agreement. If the term indicated in the agreement is not honoured, you’ll get full compensation for disconnection or defective service. 

Why can’t I download from a Georgian/foreign server at the guaranteed package speed and why do some websites open slower than others? >>

The downloading as well as website opening speed depends on both the trafficability of the canal dedicated to you and the issuing or delivering server. As the web resources in the Internet are placed on the servers of different types and trafficabilities, the service – downloading and opening speed also varies.  

If there are interruptions in service, will I get compensation for incomplete service automatically or do I as a customer have to do something about it? >>

If a problem affects a group of users (e.g. a trunk cable gets damaged or a building gets disconnected due to emergency or failure), the compensation process will be automatic  and you’ll get SMS notice of it. However, if interruption affects a single user so that the disconnection period exceeds the period indicated in the agreement, the compensation process is not automatic – the user has to call at 220 00 00, after which the question of compensation to each particular user will be discussed and the subsequent decision will be made. 

From what number should I call to get full information on my account and make changes? >>

To make any change (changing the package, changing/adding contact details), activate your credit or suspend the service, you should call at 220 00 00 from the contact number reflected in our user database. To get financial information (e.g. to know the balance and the relevant service period), you can call at the same number from other numbers as well. 

Is a user IP address static and why can’t I change the address simply? >>

A user IP address is not static. At this point, each user is dynamically accorded the same IP address. As the supply of IPv4 addresses is running out, Caucasus Online users in future will move to fully dynamic distribution of addresses. It is impossible to change the IP address simply, as often the cause for changing the IP address is that it has been blocked from some resource – website/server. 

Why can’t a Network Neighbourhood be set up with a Caucasus Link? >>

The Caucasus Online service is intended for individual users and Caucasus Online guarantees service quality only if this condition is met. If an individual package is shared, the user will experience interruptions in receiving the service. 

What accounts for high PING on any server ? >>

The following factors account for high PING on servers: overloading of the dedicated canal; troubles, namely viruses, affecting the operating system; updating the operating system, virus software or any other software; using a torrent (associated with loading); also malfunctioning network utilities in LAN.

Will I be charged for calling in a Caucasus Online technician? >>

You will be charged for calling in a Caucasus Online technician. However, some packages provide such service to users free of charge. 

Why doesn’t Caucasus Link automatically operate after changing the computer? >>

Proceeding from the operating specifics, in order for a computer to operate in the network, its unique address has to be recorded in our user database. Accordingly, if you change your computer, you will have to go through the log-in procedure for your new computer.

What are the service suspension terms? >>

Caucasus Online users can suspend service for 90 days during each subscription year, out of which the 60-day suspension service is free of charge, while 30 days are chargeable, with the charge per day accounting for just 50 tetri. 

Why should I pay a 30 Lari installation charge for a 15 Lari package? >>

Installation is charged in any case. If you choose a relatively higher-charge package, the installation charge will be apportioned to the user charge, which means that the user charge will include the connection charge as well. 

Which of the offered packages is Network Neighbourhood compatible? >>

Caucasus Online packages are intended for individual use only. If you set up Network Neighbourhood, the Internet speed will necessarily decrease to the discomfort of the neighbour as well as of the main user. 

Is there any package between 15-Lari and 30-Lari packages? >>

To meet the requests of users, in addition to updating its current packages, Caucasus Online has introduced the new 20-Lari package that can meet the basic needs of users with quite a fast Internet service. 

Has the company any events for Caucasus Link packages? >>

Information on any event of Caucasus Online services can be obtained at the official website or at the company’s Facebook site. There are standing discounts on prepaid user charges. For instance, you can get a 10% discount for prepayment of 6 months’ service charge and 20% discount for prepayment of 12 months’ service charge.

Does Caucasus Online offer Caucasus Link to users in regions? >>

In Tbilisi, the company is about to complete the project for building an underground infrastructure or laying overhead cables in underground canals, which means that Caucasus Online users in the capital will receive fast, premium quality and stable Internet service. After the project has been completed in Tbilisi, it will gradually cover the entire territory of Georgia.

Why is the starting price of the DSL service so expensive? >>

Unlike Caucasus Link, Caucasus Online DSL service depends on the infrastructure, rates and procedures of other operators. Unfortunately, the current rates of these operators do not allow lowering the current DSL service charges. 

Why is the speed low when connecting by DSL technology?  >>

Unlike the optic-fibre technology where data transmission occurs by means of a laser ray, the DSL technology is used to transmit data in a copper pair in different frequency ranges. Due to the specifics of copper as material, the resources needed for data transmission are often used correct data transmission errors in this particular pair. High, stable speed with DSL technology can be obtained only in ideal conditions. However, the technology used in Georgia requires asymmetric connection, which means that speed towards a user is limited to different MBs but from the user to the provider – to 1 MB. That’s why it is difficult to make a video call or send a large file when using DSL technology. 

What is the advantage of our Internet packages over those of the competitor? >>

The new Caucasus Online Internet packages have been developed based on various studies and in consideration of customer interests and demands. GOOD, a Caucasus Link package, offers optic Internet to users at the lowest market price available. In general, a speed to price correlation of any Caucasus Link package is the most optimal on the Georgian market, and the 21-MG package delivers the highest speed Internet service in Geor